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The Delta Regional CAC is our newest site. We opened our doors to child victims in May 2018 with a public grand opening in August 2018. This site currently houses a Victim Response Team but is anticipated to grow in scope throughout the next three years.


Delta Regional CAC Programs

Victim Response Team

  • Forensic Interviewer

  • Victim/Family Advocate

Mobile Program

Preparing for your visit

We understand that this is a scary time for you and your family. Here are some techniques designed to help you prepare your child for his or her visit to our center.

Overview of Programs

Forensic Interviewing

Forensic interviews are unbiased, non-leading, developmentally sensitive and legally sound conversations with a child, designed to solicit information about an incident that may have occurred. Facilitated by a nationally trained forensic interviewer, who is qualified in the State of Michigan Protocol, these forensic interviews are utilized in an effort to reduce trauma to a child. Viewed through closed-circuit television by a multidisciplinary team of professionals, these collaborative interviews allow all disciplines in the child welfare/investigative system to participate in the interview remotely, minimizing the number of times a child is questioned about their potential victimization.

At NMAC, referrals for forensic interviews are only accepted from law enforcement and/or child protective services. Both the center and the mobile unit are designed to be child- and family- friendly, and culturally and developmentally sensitive. Forensic interviews are conducted at no cost to any agency, family, or caregiver. The interview allows the youth to tell their story in their own words in a non-threatening and non-traumatic setting .

Family/Victim Advocacy

We know that in many cases, the non-offending caregiver and other family members need as much, if not more support than the child victim themselves. Family/Victim advocacy services are provided to all children who are forensically interviewed, as well as their non-offending caregivers, regardless of ability to pay. The family advocate orients the family to either the stand alone center or the mobile unit, explains what will occur during the appointment, and answers any questions the caregiver or child may have. While the youth is being interviewed, the family advocate will provide education, crisis intervention, referrals to service, or merely lend a listening ear for the non-offending caregiver(s).

At NMAC, we are strong believers in building up caregivers so they can be as supportive and strong as possible for the youth involved in the investigation. No one can pour from an empty cup. Following the interview, the family advocate will follow up with the non-offending caregiver and youth as often as needed by the family. They are also able to provide updates on the investigation, if available, and assist caregivers in seeking out resources for their family. This can be done over the phone or in-person.


Kimberlee Rudden.jpg

Kimberlee Rudden

Care Coordinator/Victim Advocate

Kimberlee received her Associates degree in Human Services from Bay de Noc Community College and has obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Community Development though Central Michigan University. Throughout her schooling, she developed a passion of working with kids. She is excited work with and advocate for children in the Upper Peninsula.